Package Shipping and Packing at The ExtraShip Store

The Extraship Pack & Ship Store

Give us a chance to help pack and ship your things to touch base in time for the occasions

Package Shipping and Package Delivery Service

The UPS Store® is a Professional Packing and Shipping resource ready To offer assistance. Our Certified Packing Experts are sure about their capacity to effectively pack and ship your things safely.

package delivery to home

Our Featured Services

  1. Find a Store Now…
  2. Package Shipping and Parcel Home Delivery
  3. Pick up Package at Home
  4. International Shipping Services
  5. Freight Shipping Services
  6. Join Our E-Mail Program for Great Offers and News
  7. Pack & Ship Guarantee
  8. Stamps Postage
  9. Free Get Quote

ExtraShip My Choice enhances your home delivery experience

  1. When you turn into an UPS My Decision Part, you will have the capacity to:
  2. Get proactive conveyance alarms
  3. Sign for bundles online when you won’t be home to sign face to face
  4. Reroute or reschedule home conveyances
  5. See inbound shipment data on the UPS My Decision Conveyance Organizer

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